Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Help us recognize our teachers by putting together a teacher appreciation gift pack! Gift packs can contain small snacks, candies, lotions, chapsticks, gift cards, and notes of appreciation. Please refrain from peanut products and any religious themed items. We have 35 teachers. Reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca Hampson at rhampson@cdakids.org for more information.

Teacher Appreciation Event

Pick a day to host a teacher appreciation event at the CDA. Some examples include:

    • Breakfast or Lunch – Purchase and organize a breakfast or lunch buffet and help serve it to our teachers.
    • Snacks or Dessert – Everyone loves a treat! Purchase and organize the supplies to set up an appreciation day for our teachers.

Please contact CDA Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca Hampson at rhampson@cdakids.org if you’d like to host a teacher appreciation event.

Support Our Teachers Campaign

Teachers are the heart of the CDA and deserve much of the credit for student achievements. We could not accomplish our mission goals without them, and we strongly believe that their compensation should reflect their valuable contribution.
As a non-profit preschool serving children from low-income households, we need your help to support this important initiative. If you believe that teachers are our most important resource we hope you will join us in the Support our Teachers campaign.
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