In early 1974,  a capital campaign was launched to construct a permanent home now called 89 Grove Way for the then-named Child Development Association. Local citizens raised a million dollars to build the 33,000 square foot building that we occupy today.

From the beginning, 89 Grove Way was conceived not just as a childcare center, but as a community center. And, for nearly 50 years, it has been a lively hub of civic, charitable, educational and humanitarian activities—all of which enhance the quality of life of the community.

The facility has been home to many nonprofit organizations and government service agencies during its history. Today three organizations, in addition to the CDA, make their home, or provide programming, at 89 Grove Way:

In addition our doors are open to all variety of service organizations, government agencies, local business people for meetings, training and workshops, for public hearings and public events. The Kiwanis, Rotary, United Way, Interagency Council, Dept. of Human Services, healthcare providers, local high schools, faith-based organizations and others all play a part in the life of 89 Grove Way.