Georgia Tax Credit

Direct Your Tax Dollars to CDA Scholarships

In 2008, the Georgia Legislature approved HB 1133, which allows Georgia taxpayers to designate tax dollars to the school of their choice to be used for scholarships. Since the program began, the CDA has been the beneficiary of more than $350,000 in scholarship dollars for children in need.

This is a tax credit program. You tell the state how you want your tax dollars used and you get a tax credit. Once you are notified after the first of the year that you are approved to participate, you have 60-days to fund your contribution. The tax credit will then reduce your tax liability to the state of Georgia by the same amount the following tax year. For example, you apply to the program in 2023. In January 2024 you will be notified of acceptance. You fund the approved amount within 60 days and that amount is credited toward your actual 2024 tax bill. The CDA receives the contributions from the state and this funding goes to support scholarships for kids to attend the CDA.

The state allows taxpayers to take part in this program at the following maximum credits:

  • Individual filer – up to $1,000
  • Married filing separately – up to $1,250
  • Married filing jointly – up to $2,500
  • Individual owner of an S-Corporation, LLC, or Partnership (pass-through entity) – up to $10,000
  • S corporation, LLC, or partnership that elects to pay tax at the entity level – up to 75% of Georgia income tax liability
  • C-Corporations – up to 75% of Georgia tax liability

The CDA uses Apogee to administer this program. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

How to Apply:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Get Started, Apply today
  3. Forms: Choose apply online
  4. Choose filing type: Individual, Separate, Joint, Pass through or C Corp/Trust
  5. Complete the application
  6. Choose school: Child Development Association North Fulton
  7. Hit Submit
  8. Sometime in January or February you will receive a letter from the IRS approving the amount. Apogee will also email you with a link of approval as well as a link to pay.
  9. Use the link from your email or go to and click pay now.

Contact Sheila Sillitto, Director of Advancement with any questions at or 770-992-4339 x205.