Maggie DeCan
Maggie DeCanCEO & Executive Director
Marla Reisman
Marla ReismanCenter Director
Marcia Bryce
Marcia BryceFinance Manager
Trish O'NeillMarketing Communications Director
Barbara WoodInstitutional Funding Director
Chris Koke
Chris KokeFacilities Manager
Cristin Lees
Cristin LeesSpecial Projects Coordinator
Yehymmy Mora
Yehymmy MoraEarly Literacy Coach
Kathy Penteado
Kathy PenteadoFamily Advocate & Enrollment
Judith Leal
Judith LealFamily Literacy Assistant
Rocio Alarcon
Rocio AlarconAdministrative Assistant


The CDA staff includes:

  • 5 management and 3 administrative support staff
  • 24 toddler, preschool & PreK teachers
  • 6 Kids Express teachers
  • Early Literacy Coach
  • 4 Parent Educators
  • Enrollment Manager
  • Family Advocate
  • 3 facility and food service personnel.